Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you like books about cats?

How many of you like to read books about cats? How many of you have a cat? We have one (and a poorly behaved dog, Mr.Pete). I am asking because I stumbled across a cat book that Daphne got in a Bookcrossing swap. It is a true story about a man and the cat he adopted from a New York City alleyway. It is entitled The Cat and the Curmudgeon by Cleveland Amory. It is the 2nd book about his cat, Polar Bear. He has been an author of several books and also claims to be acquainted with a lot of famous people. (I've never heard of him before. Have you?) Anyway, I am curious to know if any of you have read the book and what you think. It is kind of slow, yet sometimes he says something very funny tongue in cheek. His cat has quite a personality. In the book he is trying to determine his cat's astrological sign, teach his cat to walk on a leash, and answer the cat's fan mail. He has done a great thing and that is he started a charity including a ranch for lost and homeless animals. (He's all right in our book for doing that.) I am slowly getting through the book. I much prefer and really like the animal stories by the English vet, James Herriott. How about you? (By the way, we've tried to get our cat to walk on a leash and she just plops down on the ground and we can't budge her 17 pounds no matter what! She's not even bribeable with a cat treat.) Again thank you to everyone who has stopped by our blog. This is just great. Happy reading! And have a great week! Signed, the older half of the mother/daughter dynamic duo

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  1. I know this post on the book "Cat and the Curmudgeon" didn't garner any posts, but i still will make a comment anyway. i did finally finish the book. it took some effort. i am glad the author loves his cat and is also doing a wonderful job helping abandoned and abused animals. the book, however, is not a keeper, at least on my shelf. give me Herriott the English vet stories any time. i am willing to send this book to anyone who might be interested. don't let my review turn anyone away. besides, i am always curious what people think of books that i have read. i love to hear other people's opinions. let me know if you're interested.