Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview with my co-blogger aka "Mom"

I thought it would be fun to do an interview with mom so you all could get to know her better and here's how it went. Keep in mind we are quirky folk lol

Daphne: Hi, Mom!

Vicky (aka Mom): Hi, Daphne. Long time, no see.

Daphne: Let's start out talking about your reading habits.

Vicky: If I had the time, I'd read all the time but since I'm working, I read in the evening before I go to bed. If it's a cold or rainy day, I love to be snuggled under a blanket with a book in my lap.
Daphne: What's your favorite book?

Vicky: I have too many. But the complete works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter ... Oh and the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

Daphne: You have quite varied reading interests.

Vicky: Oh I love biographies and history. I also love The Book Thief and a couple of Dan Brown's books.

Daphne: What's the last book you finished?

Vicky: Possessions by Nancy Holder.

Daphne: You did a very good review of it, Ma. I will be adding my own very soon. We can have a review duel lol

Vicky: I can't wait and may the best woman win.

Daphne: Hehe. So what got you into blogging?

V: My daughter (you) did. I never really had any intention but you twisted my arm and here I am.

D: Are you having fun doing it though?

V: Absolutely. I guess I had to come into the 21st century sometime.

D: Indeed you do ... What kind of books do you like to read as a child?

V: All kinds but my favorite was Nancy Drew.

D: Did you know she celebrated her 80th birthday this year?

V: That's what you tell me.

D: I did a write-up on Nancy on my own blog.

V: I know. You made me listen to you read it.

D: What do you like about Nancy Drew, the character?

V: She was clever and it was nice to have a girl solve the crime for a change.

D: Didn't you read Hardy Boys too?

V: I did but my next favorite was The Boxcar Children.

D: Ah I loved those.

V: I became acquainted with those in sixth grade when our teacher Mrs. Paulin would read a chapter of the books after lunch. I loved the stories from the first chapter.

D: Now, mom, remember when I was a kid and didn't like to read, you would pay me for each book I finished. What don't you do that anymore? lol

V: Because you order the books and then give me the bill.

D: You're a good mom.

V: I know.

D: Very confidant too... Now what was your least favorite book of all time?

V: There have been a few but one thing I absolutely won't read is romance.

D: Why not?

V: I don't like them and they're so formulaic.

D: What about Jane Austen? You like her.

V: Yeah but there's a lot of history and culture in her stories.

D: What are you reading right now?

V: Cat and the Curmudgeon by Cleveland Amory.

D: Anything else?

V: I am about to start Gone, the book you gave me by Michael Grant.

D: Thanks for the interview, Mom! Can I entice you to read a Sweet Valley book anytime soon?

V: Not on your life!


  1. I love this! What a great concept of a mom and daughter sharing a blog. Very cool. I'm following you now.

  2. Thanks a lot! We actually believe it or not are pretty close except our tastes in books vary a lot.

  3. P.S. My daughter is also getting me to read stuff I normally wouldn't - like young adult supernatural stories.

  4. i am finishing a book Daphne gave me as a b-day gift. it's young adult and called "Gone". i am going to review it when i am finished. i only have a few pages left. suffice it to say, interesting concept and as the cover states a lot like the book "Lord of the Flies" by Joseph Conrad, only supernatural and modern world."Lord of the Flies" was not a favorite read for me. but i won't say anything else, til i "Gone" is gone! terrible pun. my daughter would just shake her head at me.

  5. I enjoyed this interview -- for some reason, it reminded me of some of the dialogue in Lisa Lutz's Spellman books. :)