Monday, May 10, 2010

REVIEW: Possessions by Nancy Holder

My daughter had asked me to read "Possessions" so that we could talk about it together. I usually don't read young adult or teen, but being the sweet mother that I am, I agreed to humor her. It was pretty interesting as it began. I liked how the author started out the first chapter by comparing the heroine and the rich girls at the school. I wanted to find out what the bad girls were up to and the author kept the details shrouded in mystery. I enjoyed that technique at first, but then she overused it and the book bogged down in the middle. She carried out the details so far that they got boring. The ending was brought to a quick climax in the last couple of chapters. I didn't like the ending because all the loose ends weren't wrapped up in a new little package. I like closure, I guess. However, by making it end the way she did, Nancy Holder left it wide open for a sequel. Of course. I would have liked the author to have made the back story of the murders at the academy more coherent and plain. I was left guessing as to why the other ghosts wanted to kill the 7th girl. Apparently, she was some kind of traitor (?), but it never tells the full tale. I was a bit disappointed. I won't read the next volume. I'll let someone else do that and tell me how it ends. (Like I did with the "Twilight" books. I forced myself through the first one and then asked a friend to tell me what I wanted to know about the rest of the saga.)

My dear daughter, Daphne, plans to finish the book and then write her own review. We'll see how we compare.

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